Naturopathic Medicine is a form of alternative medicine

  • Naturopathy believes that all diseases are solely caused by accumulation of toxins in the body. The body is made up of five elements (tattvas) and the imbalance in these elements give rise to imbalance in the working of organs of the body. There is one cure for all diseases that is detoxification of the body by natural means.
  • Detoxification and enhancing immunity (pranic Force) in the body is called naturopathy. It is not only a treatment but also a way of life..
  • Naturopathy works in two ways. First it makes the patient get rid of his ailment speedily; secondly it educates him to adopt a natural way of life to remain happy in future. The specialty of naturopathy is that it does not suppress any disease; on the contrary it eradicates it from the very root.
  • Various natural therapies to detoxify the body are recommended according to the environmental, genetics and the physical constitution of the body. Mud therapy, hydro therapy, chromo therapy, color therapy, air therapy, space therapy and balance in acidic and alkaline intake of food are some of the therapies coupled with various ways to remove the stress through yogic way of living are the main limbs of naturopathy.
  • Acupressure and message therapy also find their way in treating the disease. Change of lifestyle by modifying the food from cooked to uncooked (which is believed to be full of life force ie pranic energy) also is one of the major parameter to extract toxins from the body.