Therapeutic Yoga

  • As we age so does our body indicate its state of fitness. Mobility curtails and getting up from a chair or walking some distance tires us. The good news on fitness is that we can move through a Yoga which is medicative in nature and is better known to the world as Therapeutic Yoga.
  • Fortunately Yoga which has its birth in India has a secular set and this includes physical, mental, and spiritual practices which disciplines our body. The purpose of Yoga is to retain the flexibility of childhood and youth-hood during the lifetime.
  • Breathing through our nostrils, depositing good amount of air helps us to store and remove unwanted toxins. Many yogic exercises are done to keep illnesses and addictions at bay. Therapeutic Yoga is one such customized program that helps us to show the way to detachment and get us back to ourselves and into deep peace and tranquility.
  • Therapeutic Yoga heals the body of its infinite ailments holistically with designed program of exercise therapies. It helps increase general health and stamina, lessens stress, and improves gait and posture brought about by sedentary lifestyles. Other than the above it pushes from inaction to action, fuels good thought and removes sluggishness.
  • As therapeutic applies yogic principles and methods to heal chronic human ailments, it lessens the unwanted material in the body. In addition therapeutic Yoga restores, rejuvenates, revitalizes and is target specific. The stream of conscious thought and action aligns with the mind, body and spirit. Lean on to our site and column on Yoga.

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