Emotions and Gut

  • I believe everyone should be given chance to feel full of vitality, health and positivity. There is undoubtedly a strong relationship between our feelings and healthy gut. Almost everyone has felt the impact of thoughts and feelings on our digestive tract. Stress and anxiety invariably manifest itself in butterflies in stomach, constipation or a sudden dash for toilet.
  • Research also shows that the gut and brain are intimately connected. In fact gut is now commonly referred to as the  ”second brain”. A continuous flow of information happens between them and exchange manifests itself very vividly.
  • The relationship often manifests itself is as IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Stress can directly affect bowel mobility, negatively impacting gastrointestinal disorders, such as inflammatory bowel disease, acid influx, and peptic ulcers. Impaired gastrointestinal tract may also cause emotional upsets like feelings of anxiety, depression and stress.
  • Stress affects gut health negatively by changing gut bacteria, reducing digestive enzymes secretion, decreasing nutrient absorption, upsetting contractions of the gut, causing constipation or diarrhea, stimulating excessive Cortisol production or even impairing the immune system.
  • When the gut is impaired, nutrient absorption is reduced causing it to leak. As a result inflammation occurs throughout the body. Hence the entire body suffers. It is not one way since the Vegus nerve also sends signals from the gut to the brain. It can provoke stress and mood changes. Low mood often provokes unhealthy food choices. Though eager to break this unhealthy eating cycle yet one is not able to stop so feel guilty and then do it all over again. It becomes a self perpetuating cycle.
  • There are definitely ways to break the poor food negative emotions cycle holistically. Managing the diet by eating food high in protein, good fats, low in sugar and carbohydrates can balance blood sugar, and help reduce stress. Yoga and meditation can help switch the body to rest and repair mode. Working on reflex points to through Reflexology and improving blood circulation with Neurotherapy are therapies which help enhance the optimal working of digestive system and take care of the emotional health.

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