1. How does naturopathy help in chronic ailments? Is there a diet restriction?

    Naturopathy works on the principle that the cause of disease is      the accumulation of toxins in the body. Yes, it certainly helps in eliminating chronic diseases abiding by the same parameters.Yes, the diet modifications and other natural therapies are administered till the symptoms of the disease are eliminated.

  2. Under what conditions should I choose to see a Neurotherapist? It is generally believed that nerves are very delicate. Is the therapy safe and without any side effects?

    Neurotherapy believes that the diseases occur because of the impaired supply of blood to the affected organ. Hence the blockages are removed by giving pressure to the nerves that supply blood as to remove the blockages. No there are no side effects, the expert Neurotherapist knows the job and the appropriate pressure to apply.

  3. I have digestive problems. Is there a treatment for this and if yes then under which discipline out of the above mentioned would this be taken up?

    Yes, the digestive problems are treated very successfully. It is to understand that the therapies mentioned above are a very unique combo. They take care of each and every aspect of the body, physical, psychological, emotional, since they are all interrelated.

  4. Is Tarot a human testimony or is it one of the predictions?

    Tarot is never used to make predictions. It is a guidance tool which guides you to look into the situation objectively and take the right decision followed by the right action.

  5. I am suffering from diabetes and am taking medicines since last 10 years. Can I ever be off medication with your treatment?

    Yes, certainly, many cases of diabetes have been taken care of by our team effort. Please go through our testimony section to get assurance.

  6. I suffer from insomnia. What will be your line of treatment? Please elaborate about the duration and frequency of sessions?

    We believe that insomnia is the symptom and not the disease. The team of therapists will get deeper into your physical and emotional health profile and then ascertain the line of treatment. Usually the positive change starts showing in 5-6 sessions.

  7. Can skin problems like pigmentation be treated with your therapies?

    Certainly, our therapies treat skin problems with hundred percent result. The patient is required to cooperate for fastb recovery.

  8. I am on thyroid medication but still I feel tired and burnt out. Can your therapies help improve my energy level and get me feeling like myself again?

    Without any doubt, patients have been off thyroid medicine. with the help of natural therapies and making modifications in diet and lifestyle recommended by our expert team taking in account of  the physical, emotional and circumstantial situations of the patient, we have seen miraculous long term results.

  9. Does your treatment work in case of children’s ailments?

    Yes .

  10. I am diagnosed with a stone in my gall bladder. Does your treatment would work and bail me out of the surgery?

    Yes, our unique combo of treatments can relieve you of the stone in the gall bladder taking its time depending on the size of the stone.