• Humans and numbers have a closeness  but the firmness of numerology can be seen in successful business people other than academicians and professionals. Today a growing number of people have felt the need for numerology, as a means of elevating their standards  Numerology `is a science that defines our existence all along.  Realistically it bounces life and influences different spheres. This includes the material graph in the X and Y axis .  People of different streams and different spheres  take Numerology to  be the best reference for financial soundness and harmony in relationships, guidance for the future. Be it naming a child or naming once own “baby”, numerology elucidates and expounds the dichotomy of words and the numbers.
  • Numbers speak traits and attributes. The odds and evens have a  unique presence. Known to many, certain numerics are seen in leaders in home, office , social life. However there are certain numerics that speak of communicators, of artists, of  monks,  of sages  who carry behind a group of followers. Romans started with Roman numerals and the  Indians and Chinese started with their numbers. Today the people who are born on 1 prove excellent leaders, the people with 2 work behind the scene, the people with 5 says my friend are silently ferocious.And as we get familiarised with numerology there are many people who are yet to know of numbers favouring them. This is called lucky number.
  • Harpreet Lugani says that Numerology gives us a complete feedback or an evaluation of the personality which includes his reasons for actions, possibilities, goals . One discovers oneself with his own individuality besides many valuable clues.  One must understand that determinism propels action to achieve balance and to work on the weakness .An entire report on ones personality including weaknesses and strengths can be extracted from numerology. Also adaptation to numerology can reverse/ alter  the path of life- this means you could change your signature with a particular emphasis on an alphabet or number.
  • Says Lugani that numerology came through passion for numbers and later on through life’s destined path. Taking numerology in her hand she set a visible future for a group of  people of various age groups who came for guidance.

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