Twentieth century is a century of explorations. Man has made many discoveries in many fields. One such discovery of the century is the relationship of the feet with the body. According to this discovery the whole body is mirrored in the feet. Internal disorder of any part of the body expresses itself in the form of pain at the reflex points in the feet where pressure is applied. Working on these reflex points   is of great therapeutic value. This therapy is called foot reflexology. When the muscles become tense due to some reason, they press on the arteries causing sluggishness in circulation. As a result the toxins in the blood which should normally be excreted out of the body settle down at the extremities ie. Feet. At these deposits needle shaped crystals are formed. The deposits formation blocks some nerve impulses. They also hamper the blood circulation in some areas of the body. Reflexology by its methodical pressure removes these deposits. At these deposits, crystals are formed they being needle shaped poke into the tissues and cause pain when pressure is applied. With the systemized pressure, the crystals of toxins are broken down and get released into the blood stream and are removed by nature by its excretory system.

  • Reflexology is a holistic treatment: The whole body is to be taken care of and reflexology does exactly that . The goal is to restore homeostasis.
  • Reflexology is a natural healing: The self healing and self repairing mechanism is within the body. Whenever there is the blockage in the working of this mechanism we make use of the repair kit provided by the nature in the feet.
  • Reflexology improves blood circulation: Whenever we give pressure treatment on the tender reflexes in the feet, corresponding body organs and glands get improved supply of blood. Thus more flow of nutrients, oxygen, hormones and antibodies help in the improvement in the ailing parts.
  • Reflexology improves nerve supply: Nervous system is the control system of the body. If there is a blockage of nerve impulses to any part of the body, it can cause disorder. Reflexology causes unblocking of nerve impulses.
  • Lymphatic functions restored: Lymph vessels provide drainage channels in the lymph nodes for toxic and malignant products. Pressure on the reflex areas on the feet enhances the function of the lymph vessels to restore chemical balance in the body.
  • Counter irritation stimulation: Human body has ability to speed up repairs when it receives an insult to its equilibrium. Reflex pressure causes the necessary irritation and speeds up repairs.

Special Features:

Treatment is safe, simple and free from side effects. It gives lasting cure. It can be  assistance in diagnosis. In addition to that it has compatibility with other forms of treatments. It can be a first aid in emergencies. It is beneficial for all ages.