Yoga is a complete self discipline. The preventive and curative effects of yoga are far reaching. Yoga balances, harmonizes, purifies, and strengthens the body mind and soul of the practitioner. It shows the way to perfect health, perfect mind and perfect peace with one self, the world, nature and god.

Time pressure, emotional conflicts, financial worries, pollution, competitive environments and excessive noise are all threats to our inner peace. Different people experience stress in different ways. The stress symptoms involve

  • Increased speed of heart beat
  • Changes in the digestive system
  • Increased contraction in the skeleton muscles
  • Increased rate of breathing
  • Increased glucose levels

Daily practice of yoga with its breathing techniques and asanas guarantees protection against stress. The preventive and curative effects of yoga are far reaching.  Yoga offers a complete but relatively gentle form of exercise, without the potential side effects of muscle fatigue and over stimulation that tend to be experienced in other fitness programs .yoga can be practiced by people of all ages and from all walks of life at a level that suits their individual needs.

When body mind and soul are healthy and harmonious, the obstacles become stepping stone to success and one gains a new angle of vision of health and positivity.